About Me


I have been a proven success in the business and corporate world, working in the oil and gas industry in Europe, Africa and USA, and as a global Senior Innovation Consultant for Sagentia – a listed UK company.

I have also been successful property investor and renovator, enabling me (with a paradigm shift in lifestyle requirements) to be financially free.

Despite, being successful, it came at a cost to my physical, mental and spiritual health.  In 2006 I fell severely ill and was unable to walk or think clearly.  I was unable to work for 7 years.

In retrospect, I am now aware that I charged every moment in my life, seeking heady sensory gratifications (addictions).  Since 2006 I have been learning how to experientially ‘meet every moment’ in my life.  Gratefully, I have not recovered my previous health, I have transformed.

I am passionate about helping others to experience more success, serenity and fulfillment.


Personal Development & Healing Modalities Explored

Some of the following modalities, I have incorporated into my daily life.  Others I have used to ‘scent’ my life.  I am confident that the breadth of my experience, enables me to guide you to success, joy, serenity and fulfillment.

– Meisner Acting School – improvisation expressing emotional truth moment to moment

– Growth Whispering coaching

– Byron Katie – The Work

– Extensive Group Therapy participant and facilitation

– Alexander Technique

– Non-Violent Communication – NVC

– Twelve Step Program Work

– Lightning Process – psychoneuroimmunology

– Neuro Linguistic Programming  (i-NLP Practitioner)

– Extensive Tantra practices (Tantric Blossoming/Baba Dez/Andrew Barnes/Deborah Taj Anapol)

– Path of Love workshop and follow up  – OSHO

– Living Love (David Deida inspired)

– Somatic Experiencing

– Trauma Release Exercises – TRE

– Vipassana Meditation – multiple 10 day periods

– Yoga

– Mayumarri (Heal for Life)

– Magicians Way

– Bowen

– Emmetts Technique

– Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing EMDR

– Psychologist

– Psychiatrist

– Physiocise

– Physiotherapy

– Psychodrama & Family Constellations

– Mind Energy healer

– Reiki

– Chiropractic/Osteopathic

– Ortho Bionomy

– Myofacial Release

– The Art of Living – Breathwork

– Other breathwork and rebirthing work

– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT

– Chinese Herbs

– Acupunture and deep tissue release

– Meditation

– Experimented with diet and Elimination Diets

– Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

– Human Awareness Institute workshops

– Remedial/Trigger Point/ Kahuna Massage

– Pelvic Floor and Psoas Release

– Heart Breathing

– Anthroposophical medicine

– Homeopathy

– Pilates

– Rosen Method

– Iridologist


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