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My guess is that something is not working for you?  Deep down you know there must be more?  It does not matter if it is illness, lack of wealth, depression, anxiety, procrastination, loneliness, blankness, addictions/compulsions, humiliation, rage, relationships, numbness, being stuck, feeling unworthy/stupid or any other.  They are all forms of being at dis-ease in your being.  You don’t need to settle for this less-than state.  With willingness you can have the life you love.  By meeting every moment in your life, you can choose effortless aliveness.  Are you willing to change?  Do you believe you can change?  What is your longing to change?  Call me to discuss your longing.

I am sure you have tried other interventions.  I invite you to ask yourself, were they active or passive?  In active you take responsibility for your change, e.g. exercising or meditating.  In passive, you hand your responsibility over to another entity, e.g. taking a pill or seeing a chiropractor.  In my experience, real lasting change only happens as a result of consistent active actions.  Self-Esteem and happiness comes from an accumulation of little esteemable active actions.

Society and school teaches us how to travel on the outside.  Have you learnt how to travel on the inside however?  Surprisingly, this is not taught.  And yet it is the most important tool for living an inspired fulfilled life.  To relate to others, we must first have a relationship with ourselves.  By knowing ourselves we can choose how we wish to react to external circumstances.  By choosing to meet every moment in this way, we create a life we love.

Despite being a post-graduate at Cambridge University, I had no idea how to travel on the inside and that I was living a limited life.  I was unknowingly passive-aggressive, resentful, a Mr Nice Guy and needing to be better than those around me – ouch, exhausting!  Do you relate to any of these?  Often they play out without our knowledge; you may have repeated the pattern so often, you will be blind to it.

Note: I always recommend consulting a medically trained doctor for any medical conditions.





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