My Approach

“If you scatter thorns, don’t go barefoot” – Italian proverb

By unconsciously scattering ‘thorns’ so many people miss their potential.  My approach is to help people enjoy becoming aware of the ‘thorns’ they are scattering and aid them to replace this with behaviour that is life-enhancing.  Thereby, with child-like curiousity, create and enjoy the life they love.


I don’t know what is best for you.  I don’t know how you should live your life.  On the other hand, you intuitively already know what is best for you to heal and grow.  However, I suspect you need help in unlearning the maladaptive unconscious behaviour blocking your powerful intuition.  I can help you to re-training this withered ‘muscle’.  The moment I step into the space of thinking I know what is best for you, I have failed you.  In my experience it is a case of less is more.  Living in the space of ‘less’ is the challenge.

What to expect in a session?  The sessions, through a series of subtle questions, explore where not ‘meeting every moment’ in your life is not working for you currently.  A specific ‘Completion Challenge’ tool is tailored for you to then create the life you love.  You will experience the tool working for you at the feeling/visceral level in the session.  Thus, you will leave the session with a tangible desire to take action to embody the life you love.  I draw upon a broad range of interventions to bring ‘colour’ and potency to the process.

My experience has been consistency is key to creating a life I love.  The sessions unlock your innate knowledge in how to consistently create a life you love.

I Will Stick my Neck Out

As a school kid, teachers either loved or hated me.  As an adult I am not afraid to polarise an audience.   My uncle said, I was like a terrier.  I don’t think he meant it as a compliment.  I think it was this insatiable attitude that led to 7 years of chronic illness.  Fortunately I was also able to turn this tenacity to healing and personal growth, thus learning how to meet every moment.  Prior to my healing journey, I was extremely disassociated from my feelings and emotions.  I have since unlearnt this maladaptive behaviour that blocked my innate deep empathetic connection to myself and others.  Experience has shown me that having personal experience of both being disassociated and empathetic has been crucial to coaching others to live a life they love.  I know the struggles first-hand.  Additionally, my capacity to be a terrier – albeit an empathetic terrier – means I will be willing to ask that confronting question and hold the tension, that enables you to have a break-through.

Being Willing to ‘Go-There’

My experience has been that the depth an individual’s journey in more important than their qualifications.  This is well summed up by Byron Katie’s saying, “I can only take you, where I have already been”.  A coach/healer can only coach change in another to the degree of their own change/growth.  If their success and joy is held back by unprocessed beliefs/pain, then they cannot ‘hold-space’ for another to fully find their success and joy.  Can your coach be vulnerable and admit they are wrong?  This is a good indication of the degree of their own change/growth.

Being Willing to ‘Take On Suggestions’

I recommend the following; find somebody who has what you want and ask them how they got it.  This cultivates a willingness to take actions suggested by your coach.  Trust your instincts here, if you have reservations, it is likely you will not take the suggested actions and there will be little change.  This is crucial in my approach, as I will be suggesting actions/challenges.  Remember consistent ‘active’ actions cultivates change.

Just Start Now: Seeing the Pattern

I kept an open-mind to all modalities of personal growth and healing.  My healing journey has come full circle.  When I fell ill, I was overwhelmed with what approach to try.  I felt like I was walking around a dark room bumping into things.  It hurt.  I felt a desperate need to find the ‘right’ approach.  In retrospect, there are many ‘right’ approaches.  This is because the approaches/treatments that work were generally empirically arrived at by different folk, but are based on the same essential truths of what we need for wellbeing.  A good example of this is the commonality of Ortho-Bionomy, Myafascial release, Chiropractic (not joint popping version) and the Emmetts Technique.  These all have slightly different methods of execution, yet all help the the person being healed to experience a non-fight/flight/freeze state and remap the body’s state accordingly, enabling the para-sympathetic nervous state.  So here is the full-circle bit, I no longer feel overwhelmed.  I see the pattern/commonality of most of the healing modalities.  What I love about this, is one modality does not disprove another.  They all co-exist, showing the subtle different ways that journeying individuals sought to solve their own healing challenge.  My agile soul, means I draw upon the large breadth of approaches I have experienced to navigate coaching challenges.

Our Time is Valuable

At one point in my healing journey I was regularly seeing a ‘mind-energy’ healer who was charging $180/hr.  At the same time, I stopped going to ‘free’ sessions with a psychologist, who was charging a similar amount to Medicare.  My experience was that, the more academic the approach (the greater amount rebated on Medicare), the less effective the treatment was.  Our time is valuable, ill or otherwise.


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