Testimonial One

Hi Benn (Moose)

“I’ve completed what I committed to last Sunday. Its like we reignited a fire that had been extinguished. I managed to express my wants like we discussed, and yes it was very scary. My partner responded well to the expressions of my wants and I felt more free to be myself!

This is one of the reasons I have come to love working with you Benn (apart from your wonderful personality). It pretty much always manifests itself into concrete results in the real world. And I say this having worked with more than 8 different coaches, therapists and psychologists over the past 4 years. I feel what you give me is truly unique and something I have never seen before. Feel free to use this as a testimony.”

Odense, Denmark
22nd October 2014
Testimonial Two

“My first session with Moose bought tremendous clarity around an ongoing issue.  It was not the modality itself, but rather Moose’s ongoing presence, journey and ability to hold space that got me to that place.”

Anthony, Sydney

Testimonial Three

“Benn (Moose) has a gentle, persistent and thorough approach to the space he holds. He was so present throughout the entire session even holding the tension well at times when I felt the urge to run away or hide. I was able to access and connect to parts in me that were undiscovered or felt by me.

I really appreciated what was revealed and reflected to me in the sacred space held which allowed me to feel more free and open up to so much more of my real self.”

Athena Tarina Heartfull, 17th Oct 2012


Testimonial Four


I jumped out of bed this morning with drive, joy, a new sense of freedom, purpose, and excitement at all the opportunities ahead…

You truly are an AMAZING COACH, with deep intuition, extraordinary presence, and impressive knowledge of various tools and techniques to embrace life, face deep rooted fears, find inner peace, overcome hurdles, and simply be free to be the most authentic self one can be…

The next people you’ll guide through their own journeys will be particularly lucky to find you on their path!

Lina Mbirkou
Managing director: In French Now

Testimonial Five

Late last year I had the opportunity to engage with you in a healing/self-help dialog that was instrumental in assisting me to identify and overcome some blocks to my personal growth. At the time we spoke, I was sitting with feelings of discomfort and frustration around a project, procrastinating and not knowing what or how to act to alleviate the situation. Within a week of our dialog, I took action,coming to a collaborative arrangement relating to a solution.
I am now aware of my “stuck symptoms” and one response where, in similar circumstances, these were quickly resolved…Than you Moose!

Abe, Sydney
May 2014


Testimonial Six

“I have just been led through a process by Moose and am feeling immense gratitude.  I am particularly struck by Moose’s:

– Incredible patience
– Willingness to reframe the question over and over again
– Giving feedback with the clarity that I needed to long standing wounds in my life.
– Allowing me to see the meaning I make of incidences, rather than see it for what it is.”

Jacqui Segal, 28th Sept 2012

Testimonial Seven

“Your session was lovely.  You showed great empathy and lack of judgement when asking me questions to uncover a past pattern.  The process of turning that around to create a useful statement for the future was enlightening.  Thank you.”

V. (Happy to provide verbal reference), 15 Oct 2012

Testimonial Eight

“I found Moose helped me look at myself from a different perspective, allowing me to perceive how my actions and thoughts were effecting not only myself but the people around me in certain situations.   I felt that Moose was very supportive, patient and persistent in guiding & exploring my beliefs and views, which brought about positive changes in the way I reacted to life’s challenges.  I highly recommend Moose to anyone on a personal growth journey, as he has a natural ability to get to the nitty gritty, uncovering your deepest fears and realigning your beliefs to a more positive state of being.”

Rob Hughes
Sept 2012


Testimonial Nine

Hi Moose
“Thank you for such a lovely day on Tuesday and a very profound session. It was both an intimate sharing and a deep exploration that left me vulnerable and open. Being so vulnerable was a little ‘difficult’ for me to sit in (for two days) however I have found some wonderful insights and been able to explore further my feelings particularly around the car accident, which as you saw has deeply wounded me. I am grateful for the time and process, so thank you for sharing yourself with me.
I hope to see you again soon.

Much love”

Testimonial Ten

“Hi Benn (Moose)

What was happening before
I was speaking in generalisations and not expressing my emotions which was acting as a barrier to connecting with people.

What changed
Benn’s intervention has allowed me to understand and see the benefits of expressing my emotions and I plan to use and develop this new knowledge.

Love Jim”


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